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A little about me...

    My Story

    I am Ruth, a passionate goldsmith deeply inspired by the mesmerising colours, intricate shapes, and diverse textures that our lush Irish landscapes have to offer. In the pieces I create, i try to capture a fragment of this beauty, preserving it in timeless designs.

    My commitment to excellence and authenticity is reflected in my choice of materials - only solid silver and gold and beautiful gemstones from a reputable source grace my workbench. To ensure the integrity of my work, I am proudly registered with the London Assay Office, guaranteeing the quality and purity of the metals used in my creations.

    Beyond the allure of my craft, sustainability is important to me, which is why I offer services to remodel those unworn pieces of jewellery that you hold dear, giving them a fresh lease of life and something that can be loved once again. The Silver and Gold i use is recycled and my packaging is recycled or eco friendly.

     Additionally, for those seeking something truly unique, I wholeheartedly welcome bespoke commission work. Let's co-create a piece that tells your personal story.


    Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I invite you to explore my collections and find that perfect piece that resonates with you.


    All my work is lovingly handmade by me at my bench from home so you too can have a piece of Ireland.

    with Love,


    p.s i would love for you to give me a follow on my instagram. here you will see my latest pieces and behind the scenes of how i create my work as well as some of the antics i get up too around Ireland.

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