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Care instructions to keep your LUREsilver pieces looking their best

*Do not allow your jewellery to come in contact with body creams, lotions, perfumes.


*Remove before exercise, or swimming in the pool or sea. (Chlorine and salt water can react with silver, this i cannot fix for you) Also remove jewellery before sleeping.

*When not being worn, store in the box it came in or in a small zip lock baggy to help prevent tarnish developing.

*Periodically, wash with warm soapy water and clean with a dry cloth or you can also use a soft toothbrush. You can also purchase other cleaning products for silver/gold ie. a polishing cloth, but be careful with chemicals especially if you have gemstones/pearls.

*If you have a satin finished piece you may clean with a green scourer and a little soap and rub in a circular motion.

*For treated oxidised pieces they may get scratched or it may wear off over time. Do not clean using a polishing cloth.  Get in touch for me to re oxidise for you.

*Pearls, as these are natural and soft be very careful and don’t use any products near them or get them wet. For storage Pearls like air and the moisture in air so do not store in a zip lock baggy as the pearl may dry out. Pearls also love to be worn, your skins warmth and oils keep them looking their best but keep away from creams and perfumes.


I offer a once a year clean on all your LUREsilver so get in touch, especially if you have a special occasion coming up. 

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