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Introducing these unique D.S studs, crafted with love and care. These earrings are shaped using one of my dad's trusted files. A great man at DIY and fixing cars, I used to help dad often when I was young fetching the tools from the toolbox. Handmade from recycled molten silver or 9ct gold, each earring is carefully crafted to ensure a lovely satin finish. Named after my dad the brushed file marks in the soft satin finish add a unique touch to these D.S studs. Ready to post they are the perfect addition to your everyday jewellery collection.


•approx. Size 5-6mm

•made from recycled silver or 9ct gold

•Weight approx. 1g each

•solid form, not hollow like most studs

•Gold earrings are hallmarked

•Gift wrapped and ready to post

D.S studs in gold or silver

Precious metal
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