Oxidised Sterling Silver

Oxidised Sterling Silver

Handmade from Sterling Silver and oxidised to give a lovely rich grey/blue colour these Earrings are very comfortable to wear and hallmarked for quality.

  • Care information

    Sterling Silver is a precious metal and over time it will tarnish with wear and tear. As Sterling Silver contains small amounts of other metals it is suitable for everyday wear as these metals give it strength and so its not so prone to scratches, dents or rust.

    To maintain the condition of your jewellery you should not wear it when showering, swimming or undertaking Manuel work. Chemicals can cause reactions with the Sterling Silver.

    You can buy products specifically to care for Sterling silver. Or add a few drops of dish soap to some warm water, submerge your item and leave for 10 minutes. Then using a soft toothbrush clean any crevices, rinse in clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Precious metal

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